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Welcome to your pathway to a STEM education and a career in the growth agricultural industry….

Our web site provides an overview of the unique and distinctive education and training facility that is the WA College of Agriculture - Morawa, a highly regarded College which provides Agricultural Education and Training to students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students are attracted from across Western Australia to study specialised agriculture through a combination of WACE subjects and nationally accredited certificates, that are valued by the agricultural, mining and trades industries. Students are educated on a large commercial farming property in the northern wheat belt with cropping, cattle, sheep and pig enterprises, and modern fully equipped automotive and engineering workshops.

Partnerships with industry ensure that students have access to the latest research and development and industry best practice in agriculture. Through the College Board and Agricultural Advisory Committee’s commitment to continuous improvement, students have access to the latest machinery, equipment and workshop facilities.

In the enrolment process, students must demonstrate an interest in agriculture or related industries, a positive work ethic and academic record, a clean behaviour record and strong parental support. The College values respect and integrity and supports students to reach their individual potential and become valued citizens and life long learners.

An integral component of the enrolment process is the ‘Free Trial Week’. This provides students considering an agricultural education with the opportunity to try before they buy. With free board at the College Residential Campus for that week, students are immersed in the opportunities and programs offered at the College, to enable them to make an informed decision about their future education and career pathway.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to the College to experience the opportunities and lifestyle that could change the course of your life and lead to the diverse range of further education, employment and training pathways in the vibrant agricultural industry of WA.

Dean Carslake




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  • 20-Feb-2021

    Photo day - whole school

  • 26-Sep-2021

    Royal Show 2021

  • 08-May-2021

    School Ball

  • 18-Dec-2021

    Term Four 2020 finishes

  • 12-Oct-2021

    Term Four commences

    Students return to Residence after 12 pm on 11 October

  • 02-Feb-2021

    Term One commences

  • 02-Apr-2021

    Term One finishes

    Students depart after 1pm

  • 20-Jul-2021

    Term Three commences

    Students return to residence after 1pm on 19 July

  • 25-Sep-2021

    Term Three finishes

    Travel day 24 September
    Students  can depart from 1.00pm

  • 20-Apr-2021

    Term Two commences

    Students return to Residence after 12pm on 19th April

  • 03-Jul-2021

    Term Two finishes

    Travel day - students can leave after 1 pm on 2 July

  • 15-May-2021

    Year 12 retreat