Welcome to NMEITA

The North Midlands Education and Industry Training Alliance (NMEITA) is the driving force behind dynamic and unique educational opportunities for students studying in the North Midlands of Western Australia.

Initially conceptualised in 2004 the North Midlands Education and Training Alliance (NMEITA) has forged and sustained long term partnerships with regional educational facilities, corporate partners, and government entities in order to strengthen education and training opportunities across our region. As a group NMEITA developed and adopted a Strategic Plan (May 2006) as well as an Operational Plan (2010-2011) to assist the group in attaining their goals. To find out more about the history of NMEITA then please refer to the Background page.

In 2016 the importance of developing a Ten Year Education and Training Plan was recognised and consequentially actioned. It is important to note, that the 2016 Ten Year Education and Training Plan aligns closely with the objectives of the Midwest Development Commission’s Mid West Regional Blueprint: A 2050 growth and development strategy. In particular, it aligns with the Knowledge and Learning Pillar which highlights the need to “create highly educated and skilled communities that meet the region’s future workforce requirements” (Midwest Development Commission, 2015, p.109)

The 2016 Ten Year Education and Training Plan identifies and outlines realistic and achievable, but also potentially specialised, education and training initiatives that will assist students in having local access to a wide range of educational and training opportunities within their region. Similarly, a number of key recommendations were made in this report such as

⚫ The Morawa Independent School Cluster of Morawa District High School and Western Australian College of Agriculture – Morawa as being the ‘schools of choice’ for secondary education in the Upper North Midlands.

⚫ Morawa District High School be recognised as a K-12 Regional College for the North Midlands Region that includes appropriate resourcing; For example effective bus routes and increased residential facilities.

⚫ That the governance of a Regional College should in part be shared by contributing communities.

⚫ That Carnamah be recognised for the capacity to cater for Years 7 to 10 in the Lower North Midlands.

⚫ That Primary Schools throughout the North Midlands should form clusters with shared governance

The Alliance meets regularly and continues to work tirelessly towards achieving recommendations made within the 2016 Ten Year Education and Training Plan for the betterment of the North Midlands.