Year 10

The College developed a Year 10 program in response to numerous enquiries received annually from students that are seeking a more practical alternative to mainstream education.

The program provides a learning style to suit the more practical students as well as providing the opportunity for students to make an early start on the path to tertiary education by better preparing them for the advanced Yr 11 and  Yr 12  stream.

We deliver and assess an educational program that covers five of the eight learning areas outlined in the Australian Curriculum for Yrs 8  - 10.

Within the program we cover subject matter that fulfills outcomes in; English, Maths, Science, Technology and Enterprise, Health and Physical Education, History, Rural Skills (on-line) and  Agriculture.

The program consists of an integrated learning program using the College farm and workshops as extended classrooms for the traditional subject areas (Maths, English etc.) The program concentrates on using the focus of Agriculture and related industries to improve students’ skills and knowledge.