NMEITA Current Projects

Alliances Successes and Achievements

  • 3.6 million upgrade to the trade training centre being established at the WACOAM
  • 2011 winner in the category -Best Regional Collaborations for Small Councils in the 2011 National Awards for Local Government.
  • 2011 Regional & Agricultural Mining Industry Training Project – MEITA chosen as one of two regional locations Australia wide to trial a Federal Government pilot program to deliver cross industry training to the mining and agriculture sectors.
  • Morawa Community Resource Centre joins MEITA.
  • 2010- Successful in securing $3 million in Royalties for Regions (R4R) funding to expand student accommodation at WACOA – Morawa.
  • Funding for $1.3m Morawa Community & Business Enterprise Centre
  • 2010 Local Government Best Practice Award
  • Winner of the Leadership & Innovation Award $2000 received from Commonwealth Bank
  • Establish KARARA Mining Ltd scholarship program for senior school students attending local schools in the region.
  • Introduction of a Football Program for WA College of Agriculture – Morawa & the Morawa District High School in 2013.