NMEITA Background

The Morawa Education Alliance was formed in 2004 after a meeting between Craig Chadwick, Principal of the WA College of Agriculture - Morawa and Janine Calver, Principal of the Morawa DHS. The Alliance formed with commitment from the WA College of Agriculture, the Morawa DHS and the Shire of Morawa as a means to work more closely together to ensure that initially Morawa and the the mid West became a preferred destination for both staff and students seeking to be involved in education in region.

The Alliance held community meetings to assist with the writing of our first strategic plan which was adopted in 2005 and since then have completed the goals set out in that plan and have endorsed a new Strategic Plan and Operational Plan in 2010.

The MEA has also grown past its original membership and is now known as ‘MEITA’ or Morawa Education and Industry Training Alliance. In addition to the three original partners we now have involvement and commitment from Central Regional TAFE, Midwest Chamber of Commerce, Karara Mining Limited and Midwest SinoSteel.

In 2008 we were nominated for the Regional Achievement and Community Awards and were successful in becoming a ‘Finalist’. The next year we went one better and won our award in the category of “Local Government Best Practice”, in recognition of our partnership with the Shire of Morawa.

Details of our Strategic Plans and MEITA initiatives and achievements are available to read by clicking on the Reports and Minutes link above.

To finish the year on an even higher note MEITA received a further privilege by being chosen as one of only two regional locations Australia wide to trial an Australian Government funded pilot program to deliver cross industry training to both the mining and agriculture sectors.

The Regional Agriculture and Mining Industry Training Project (RAMIT) was aimed at delivering training to provide entry level employee skills for both the agriculture and mining sectors.

To be even more representative of the North Midlands, MEITA now has had a name change to NMEITA - the North Midlands Education, Industry and Training Alliance.